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Thread: Is it just the disk?

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    Is it just the disk?

    Hey everyone, I just got done following this guide and I am trying to play "Monster Hunter 3". I burned the game to a DVD+R, and I get a disk error when I try to play it through Disk Channel/Backup Launcher.
    Is it just the fact that I burned it to a DVD+R, or is it also the fact that it's a Japanese game and I have an American Wii?


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    Hi Ezro:
    It could be the disc, most successful burns are with the Verbatim DVD-R. With regard to Japanese-if you followed the directions on that site-looks like you installed a regionfree hack. If you don't use a regionfree or a forceNTSC patch you can semibrick your Wii. You can ck-see if you still have system menu settings. If no then you semibricked your Wii. Otherwise check out this thread-you might need some additional cIOS installs. Good Luck.

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    its prolly the disc use -r when making backups and burn at a speed of no faster then 4x

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    Well, I am just trying to use the USB loader gx now, and I can't seem to get that to work either; every time I start the channel, it restarts my Wii.
    Anyone know how to fix that?

    Nvm, I fixed it.
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