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Thread: Any Title Deleter Mod v6 released!!!

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    Any Title Deleter Mod v6 released!!!

    First the disclaimer -

    This homebrew makes permanent changes to your Wii's flash memory (NAND) and should be used with caution.


    Today, Red Squirrel has released another version of his modified AnyTitle Deleter.

    What's it?
    This application is a mod of official AnyTitle Deleter by toma: now the real name (and not only the title ID as in the original version!) of (almost) any title will appear near it in the menu!
    In this way you can understand simply and immediately what you're removing!
    All original AnyTitle Deleter functions work yet.

    -Added a function to select with what IOS to start the program. So if you get an error at program startup procedure just restart the program choosing another IOS (with flash access).
    -The number of entries read from the database.txt has been increased from 1000 to 10000.

    Red Squirrel home page - HERE
    download from red squirrel - HERE
    download from GBAtemp - HERE


    AnyTitleDeleter Mod v6b released by Red Squirrel


    AnyTitle Deleter Mod v6b

    Because many people have not an IOS202 or IOS222 or for any other reason, this is a little update to use IOS249 (cIOS 38 r14) with the program.
    The only news is that now the program skips the first ES_identify (thanks to brkirch, WiiPower and the other users of GBAtemp).

    Note: In the new package there is only the boot.dol, so if you want the complete HBC package or to read the full readme.txt, please download the v6 before.
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    Thanks for this post, AnyTitleDeleter Modv6b worked awesome to remove IOS202 which was giving Pimp My Wii a problem, now everythings updated and good to go

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    Of course, using Pimp My Wii itself as an application tends to be a FAIL, just sayin'...


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