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    black screen

    Hi im new to the website,i think i have might bricked me wii after installing custom themes.i get a black screen when i restart,i can still access preloader and hbc.i didnt make a nand backup,so has anybody got any ideas what i can do.Pal uk system with 4.1

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    hold down reset when turn on the wii, this will allow you to access preloader. If you can access preloader, the chance or unbrick the will is high. If not, then you need to find another way to unbrick this, good luck.

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    i can access the preloader,but i didnt make a nand backup.what can i do?

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    does it says system file is corrupt or system menu?
    if it does look for system menu 4.1 ( which ever region u are ) and reinstall through hbc and use wadmanager.

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    it says nothing,just a black screen.i loaded a theme,just after i done that and restarted i got a black screen.


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