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    Question SD Card Issue

    I have a really odd issue, and it does have to do with hacking my Wii.

    Please bear with me!

    My printer has a memory card reader. To best of my knowledge, I used to be able to format SD cards in it. Now all of a sudden I can not. Any card I put in Vista now detects as 'write-protected' even though it clearly is not.

    So, I have a nice new 2GB that was used to put 4 photos on a few months ago and now, I can not format it. But even my old cards can not be re-formatted.

    I know I can buy a new 2GB card or a external card reader for cheap... But I just found it really odd... Has anyone run into this before you tried to soft-mod your Wii?

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    I've seen that issue with some card readers. Some of them are touchy when it comes to recognizing the postion of the locking tab on the side of the SD card. First option is to see if another PC can read the cards. That should confirm if you have a flakey SD card reader...

    The second is an old trick from the floppy days... and even further back to the cassette tape days... neatly and firmly place a piece of scotch tape over the complete locking mechinism on the sd card... Then see if the card can be written to.

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    You know, I am old enough to have used real floppies and cassette tapes. But, I totally forgot about the scotch tape trick...

    Anyways, I did try it and it was a no go.

    So, either, my digital camera is making cards read-only or my printer card slow never could reformat... I ended up just shopping around the web, and I just bought an external card reader from eBay...

    All, I need now, is that rumor that Netflix will stream to the Wii to come true and I'll be a happy man...!


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