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Thread: Wii Ashes Cricket 2009 NeoGamma R7

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    Wii Ashes Cricket 2009 NeoGamma R7

    Hi All,

    After going thru all the post about Neogamma and Wii Sports resort I loaded Neo gama to remove the #002 error from Wii Sports resort to get it working.

    thanks for good work done on NeoGamma to all coders and makers.

    Only Problem is dont have the Wii Motion Plus to play those games. looking forward to bye Motion Plus.

    Same time I downloaded the Ashes Cricket 2009 and tried to play with my Wii gator 0.3 loader but as usual it gave me #002 error and used the Neogamma to load it. It loaded game like a normal.

    Only problem I am facing when I get a scrren to create new player it hangs up and gives humming sond and froze the Wii.

    If any body knows how to fix it please let me know.

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    take a look here:

    you need to downlaod a save game for it to work,everyting you need in that thread!

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    Thanks DavePM seen that post just going to try it

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    thanks keyhawaii for letting us know also DavePM yup it works fine its a shame no ones has made a patch yet just imagine if they start using this on all the games what a nightmare
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    Just paste a valid save file!

    You need to paste an existing save file onto the SD card and then transfer it to Wii (hope you know how!)

    Here, grab this link:
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Hope it helps!

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    Not able to play multiplayers. Please help me..

    Not able to play multiplayers. Please help me.. It is not giving me any option choose multiple wii remotes.


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