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Thread: Still can't get Monster Hunter 3 to work...

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    Unhappy Still can't get Monster Hunter 3 to work...

    Ok... So i've tried everything there is to try. went on forums for 3 days constantly and downloaded everything ever mentioned. when i put in my burned copy of MH3 into my US Wii, i can get into the main menu and select the first option then the screen goes blank and the beep of death kills my ears... I've followed just about every guide there is to the bone and same thing... Softmod99 gives me a disk read error and doesnt even play it. while everything else gets to menu. I've also tried patching the iso with regionfrii and brick block which most people say worked. Doesn't.

    What i think the problem is, is the IOS55 thing cause i'm not able to install that or the bugfix for it. seeing how MH3 uses the ios55 im at a loss... Is there anything i can do or what? i use a 4.1U wii with softmod it that makes any difference... thanks =/

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    anyone? I'm doomed to wait till next spring aren't i -_-

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    so you cant install any ios? I just used ios38, ios53, & 55 but I know u said that wont load for you. at any rate try the other 2.

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    gives me an error -2011 or something.. i've installed pretty much everything fine so i donno what the problem is. i tried the ios 55 but it gives me that error

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    Im getting the same thing, i just dont know the problem, when i tried usb loader it did the same thing so i thought it was just usb loader, so i burned a copy and i used gamma backup disc loader and still nothing but the black screen and beep of gay

    i would really like to hunt with my friends, if any Wii hack members could help with this delema im sure me and astray would be more then thankfull :]

    but other then that i have no clue as opposed to the whole wii softmod, i just did waht tutorials said and read up on what Cios, Disc burning, Usb loaders and most programs used in the homebrew channel, i plan to buy the game so its not like im going to play without pay, thats ungenerious and plus all my friends will have the US version, and i would like this to be like a "beta test"

    all help is greatly appreciated

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    did you guys update the wii when the game prompted you to do so? I'm also having issues with a chipped wii.

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    Lets see if this helps.

    This works for me so I hope this works for u guys too.

    Remove all your installed stuff on your Wii by either downgrading it back to 3.2 with IOS Downgrader and updating it all over again and format your Wii hard drive or whatever way that you know of to Virginise your Wii. (not sure if this step is necessary but I did it anyway.) ISO downgrader available below.

    Follow this great guide by assassda : but use the latest cIOS38rev14 instead from cIOS38rev14 LejanOriente-WiiSO By Mart1n .rar

    Then install Wad Manager 1.4

    After that, head to and look at what are the files you need and use WAD Manager 1.4 to install them to IOS:249. Its by default anyway.

    Please let me know if this works for you.
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    I'm running into a similar problem. I have a wiikey chiped wii, 4.0U, was able to run MH3 under uloader after installed cios36 merge 37 (by hermes, cios 222 and 223). I am trying to load it thru disc so I could go online. I have read all the posts and done everything i could imagine, but still can't get it to read thru disc. I've tried the most common way (installed cios55, patch fix, softchip r99), didn't work. After getting thru the capcom logo, before intro movies, it stopped and say read disc error, pls refer to operation manual (under japanese). Tried to use Gecko 1.92 to load, same error msgs. Tried to load under original disc loader, same result. I reinstalled all ios to the newest update (thru iop installer), 38rev14, freethebug 37,38,53,55. Some people can't get to online because of the wii shop channel issue, but that's not my case here. I was able to change my wii shop channel to japanese. Besides, I couldn't even get into single mode campaign under the disc, so its gotta be some ios/cios issues other than the channel. I tried to burn another disc to see if its the media problem (taiyo yuden disc) under 4x with imgburn, samething happens, . I'll need to use to wii remote to shut it down (it didn't freeze, still responsive, if i take out the disc, it will ask me to pop it back in). Anybody have any suggestions what i could do to get it running thru the disc? any input is greatly appreciated.

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    use softchip, works perfectly. can;t use cheats though ;____;

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    monster hunter 3 works

    i finaly got it 2 work using uloader v4.1 i tryed loads of loaders and this was the only 1 that got past the loud noise when u click 2 play i ran it with 222 though when i thought u needed 223 i had installed 223 with 36 and 37 merged but u loader had 222 as default so just tryed it and it worked hope this helps any1 im pritty new to all this myself but hope it helps thanks

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