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Thread: RIPii (See what I did there)

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    Question RIPii (See what I did there)

    Looks like my Wii's had it. I recently softmodded my Wii, and have just burned The Ashes Cricket 2009, which crashes when loaded from disc or USB. So I turned my modchip on (D2SUN 1.5) and stupidly said yes to the update. The update installed, and the screen went black. I left it for about a minute and pulled the power cord :-O

    Now, when I start my Wii, I get no video, the fan spins up, the disc spins up, cannot sync controllers, disc ejects alright.

    Tried the GC controller thing, to no avail.

    I have no backup of my NAND, neither do I have Preloader or Bootmii installed.

    What are my options?



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    No video, no sync suggests you have fully bricked your Wii.

    Ashes Cricket is a 3.4 update I'd imagine.

    What system menu are you running now? What system menu were you running before softmod?
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