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Thread: Noobie Aleart!

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    Noobie Aleart!

    Hello all! I just purchased my new Wii 2 nites ago and havin some issues. I updated the console to 4.1u. I downloaded coverfloater,wad apps 1.4, and cios36. When tryin to load the wad app i am getting 2011 error. What am I doin wrong? I've looked for other forums with this issue,but unable to find. I hope to hear from somone soon! Thanks in advance! And pleased to be apart of this community.


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    Hi Yoyo and welcome. Here is a link to the 2011 error thread on wiihacks:

    Overview-things that folks have done include downgrading from 4X to 3.2, installing missing or corrupted cIOS, updating the WAD manager. Reading thru the thread will give you a better idea of your options.

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