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Thread: Unbrick LU64+ wii

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    Unbrick LU64+ wii

    Hey everyone, I have a new wii LU64+ it came with 3.4usa.
    Its not bricked, but I would like to know what I would need to fix it if I did. I do have pre-loader installed.
    I have seen on youtube how to unbrick a wii, but they all install 3.2.
    I guess I need to know can I install 3.2 on a LU64+ wii. Thanks to anyone that helps.

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    No you can't put 3.2 on a LU64+ Wii, by doing so you'll brick it.

    It's not really possible to tell you what to do if you do brick it because there are different ways to cause bricks and the solutions are different.

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    So their not a universal way of fixing the wii? Its all about how it was brick.
    So is 3.4 the lowest firmware I can install?


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