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Thread: Wii is dead... help plz!

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    Wii is dead... help plz!

    Hey all,

    This is my first post, I didn't know exactly where to start, but felt this was the best place to come.

    About 8-9 months ago, I installed some Homebrew software on my Wii. My friends and I were going about doing it, and honestly its been long enough that I couldn't tell you what it was. All I know is that it was working 100% perfectly, getting Roms to work, DVDs to play, for months with no problems.

    I had 2 rough months of school work and set the Wii aside. I come back to it sometime in April (I guess thats around 6 months after I installed anything), and I turn it on, and all I get is the "System Files are Corrupted" message.

    I bought the Wii back during the 2006 launch, and know its out of warranty. I also can't afford to just send it in for $75 for repairs when they'll probably just send it back because of the Homebrew stuff anyway.

    Is there a way I can reformat my Wii myself, or get it to work again? I'm terribly inept with any and all Wii hacking knowledge (both from it having been so long and following very strict instructions on how to install stuff via forums).

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! If I have posted this in the wrong section, please inform me or have someone move it to where it ought to be.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: After thinking about it (and a quick google search), I think I figured out what I had installed. I used the Twilight Hack to get the Homebrew Channel installed, I installed some emulators to run NES and Genesis games (running all the roms off an SD card). Hope that helps! I'm still looking for a general reformat answer tho, if possible.
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    What you have sounds like a banner brick, typically this is caused by installation of a bad wad channel file such as Wiiware or Virtual Console but can also be a loader channel.

    To reformat the Wii you would have needed to install Bootmii on your Wii and created a NAND dump beforehand. This would also have helped in the recovery.

    Preloader would also help but that needed to be installed beforehand too.

    The only thing left is savemiifrii and autoboot unbrick disc. Look for Banner Brick in the forum, there are several tutorials.
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