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Thread: Will a game from the store work on a modded Wii?

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    Will a game from the store work on a modded Wii?

    I have a Modded Wii with WiiKey installed and Super Mario Galaxy has a new Copy Protection. I was wondering if I were to buy the real disk from the store it would work on my modded wii?

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    i dunno about mario galaxy but others will for sure. but most likely it will

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    Mario Galaxy PROBABLY wont work, because it has modchip protection, not copy protection..

    Which means that what Mario galaxy does is detect your modchip, not detect your copied game..

    So far, every game besides that one will run fine

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    Modchips turn themselfs off when you insert a original game, so every bought game even super mario galaxy will work.

    Backups of Super Mario Galaxy dont work on every modchip!

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    Super Mario Galaxy & Wii Key & Update Y/N?

    I have a purchased Super Mario Galaxy game and want to confirm whether or not I should say yes to the update prompt.

    My system is modded with a Wii Key (installed about 2 months ago) and I want to make sure I don't turn it into a brick by accepting the update.

    Should I simply say "No" to the update? If I say No, will the purchased game still run?



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    You can update without a problem, but it's always good to check the internet before you update!

    After the update SMG, wii, chip, ... everything works fine.

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    Worked like a charm!

    Thanks Nio!


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