Last week I decided to give Wii modding a shot and its been a crap shoot so far. Im not really interested in playing backed up dvd's, frankly Id just like a way to try out some wiiware titles before i buy(guitar fun looks cool too).

I've got a 4.1 Wii with HBC installed. I used wad manager 1.5 to install and play a few games and it worked fine for about 2 days. Then all of a sudden I couldnt install anymore wads. The installer sits there until i press A, then it flips to a dump screen with "Exception (DSI) occurred".

I installed cioscorp3.3 last night and that fixed the problem for a couple hours. I installed some wads with no issue. Then I tried to uninstall the wads to make room for some new ones and it was back to "Exception (DSI) occurred".

Any ideas? is it possible that i have some funky wad files that are causing the problem?