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Thread: Wii shop and ios51 problems

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    Wii shop and ios51 problems

    Hi there, i recently installed ios51 so i can use the shop on my wii version 3.4 running the twilight hack. when i click start on the shop channel it just reboots back to the main menu. any idea why i cant start my shop??

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    The newest version shop channel uses ios61. This is because the nintendo system update changes the ios. There is a thread on here (forget where its at, maybe search for it "shop channel and ios61") that you need to download and install. It installs as the other shop channel does. Make sure you install ios61 first and then the shop channel itself. They both install via wad manager and the new shop channel will overwrite the older one in the wii menu.

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    brilliant , thank you, got it working now, i am new to all this but done everything else ok, its just when that didnt work i didnt want mess about and some message boards were unclear, thank you once again.


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