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Thread: Backup games and cIOS's?

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    Backup games and cIOS's?

    Hey everybody.
    Got myself set up with the homebrew channel and browser and things are going well. These tutorials are fantastic and I sincerely appreciate all the work everyone has done to help out the new guys.
    My next step forward is to play my backup games. I have backup launcher on my sd card under /apps, extracted my iso to a Verbatim DVD-R, burned at 2.4X with imgburn. When I kick in backup launcher, and launch game, I get an error "sorry, not a dvd".

    I've spent the past 3 nights pouring over the forums trying to get this going. Must I install an IOS to play this game? I've also tried to put on cIOS Installer, but it says I have to uninstall IOS249 first. So I installed Wad Manager in hopes to be able to remove it, but Wad Manager doesn't even see that specific IOS.

    I feel like I'm making this way more complicated than it should be, so now I'm asking for help! Please help me!

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    BTW, I don't think it's the iso because I've tried 3 up to now.

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