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Thread: Drivekey help Blackscreen

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    Drivekey help Blackscreen

    Hi just after a bit of help. I installed my drivekey yesterday and it seems to be installed fine it's not very hard after all. I can access the drivekey setting which i guess i wouldn't be able to do if installed incorrectly. My problem is this i only have one backup game tiger woods 2010 when i put this into the drive the blue light flashes on the drivekey which i've read is how it's meant to go. The game comes up on the WII menu and i can then click into this, however when i then click to start the game i get a black screen. My original games work fine. I am on firmware 3.2E. Hope someone will be able to help, i;ve read that i may need to update the firmware to a newer version, however i wouldn't know how to do this and my Wii is not connected to the internet or anything. Thanks

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    1) Get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 in the same region version as your Wii (i.e. get the PAL version if you have a PAL Wii).
    2) Make sure the Update Block setting in the DriveKey config menu is set to "Imports".
    3) Start the game and update the Wii System Menu to 4.1 from the game disc.

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    I was having this same problem. I upgraded my menu to 4.1U from the internet and Tiger started working. However, I'm still having this same issue with two other games; Brunswick Bowling and Wii Sports Resort. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    CoNS - Thanks for the help i'll give that a go.

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    My issue seems to have been that I was trying to play a PAL game in a NTSC (USA) system. NTSC games can be played in PAL systems but not vice versa it appears.

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    Having the same exact problem. We have a first first version (Japanese )Wii . The last update we did was for the Japanese version of Wii fit. I can successfully access the dirveky menu and have not had any problems with it (import updates are always were blocked). We can play US gamecube games and Japanese Wii games but the 2 US Wii games we tried only lead to a black screen (disk stuck in spin mode). The main reason we bought the drivekey is to be able to play US games now that we live in the US. I really hope the chip can actually do what it says.

    Thanks much

    Oh yeah might I add on the main wii home screen we get a katakana description of the game (in this case "rabbids tv party") but no preview icon, Just a violet screen with what appears to be a dvd laser eye.

    EDIT: Updated to version 4.1J but still same thing happening.
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    @dougster: Please report back how it went

    Quote Originally Posted by Phayros View Post
    My issue seems to have been that I was trying to play a PAL game in a NTSC (USA) system. NTSC games can be played in PAL systems but not vice versa it appears.
    That's a too broad statement. Yes, there are reports that certain PAL games don't work on USA-NTSC or JAP-NTSC Wiis, but most games seem to work fine.

    Often, the black screen problem is because you don't have updated your Wii System Menu to the latest version, and the game wants to do an update from the out-of-region game disc (which is blocked by DriveKey as it should, causing the Wii to hang at a black screen).

    But a few PAL games just don't work on NTSC Wiis - and similarly a few NTSC games just don't work on PAL Wiis even if the Wii is updated to the latest system menu version.

    The problem doesn't appear to be related specifically to the DriveKey chip - it seems to be a problem with all modchips. It seems to be fixable on a game-to-game basis via softmodding (if you're into that). Alternatively, just get the game in the same region as your Wii and you will be fine.

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    Guitar Hero 5

    I have a problem with Guitar Hero 5. Everything else I have works great with DriveKey. I was able to get the iso of GH5 to work with the USBLoader after following the guide that is on the USB loader forum. Booting the disc simply gives me a black screen. I have a 4.1U with USB Loader GX, latest version.

    I want to get this working with the DriveKey.

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    @jrproffi: Make sure you have downloaded the USA-NTSC version of the game, and not the PAL one.

    If you can't get the USA-NTSC version to work on your 4.1U Wii, the only explanation I can think of is the fact that you have softmodded your Wii.

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    Sorry, Iīm not an expert on the subject, but in those cases of compatibility of PAL and NTSC, have some one tried Wiifrii, itīs easy to convert ISOs form PAL to NTSC-u or NTSC-j, and vice-versa. I was able to run it, but, as Iīm still in the 3.1E firmware version, I couldnīt run the games.


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