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Thread: Playing out of region games?

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    Playing out of region games?

    Hi, first post, woo. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

    Is it possible to play PAL games off an external hard drive on an NTSC Wii? If not, is there some way to convert PAL to NTSC on 4.0? It's a hell of a job finding NTSC direct downloads, and torrents haven't been getting it done for me lately. And I've noticed it's a LOT easier to find PAL games.


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    Yes it is. Several loaders have the option to force region so no conversion of iso is required. Use a loader that remembers your settings. GX perhaps?
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    fuk pal games go get ntsc games if u gonna play off the usb loader get the scrubbed ntsc games they take up less space on ur hard drive and if u r gonna download through mega upload or rapid share or media fire make sure u download jdownloader it makes life simple and games to download that much easier not to mention faster


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