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Thread: Could use some help with Brawl

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    Could use some help with Brawl

    Hey everyone, I've got a strange problem with Brawl going on, and I couldn't find any solutions on the forum/net searching.

    Basically I had a burned disk of Brawl which was working good (maybe 10 hours of play) and then after trying to watch a video it went to the black eject disk error wii screen, and hasn't worked since.

    The full story

    Bought a modded wii off cragslist of a guy, came with a bunch of burned games (brawl included) and tested about half a dozen out and they were all working perfect. Wii system version was 3.2u, and mario galaxy works, so I'm assuming an up to date wiikey version.

    Was playing Brawl and noticed on the adventure mode (whatever its called) that the video's didn't work, always played the same intro video. This was before I knew brawl was originally a dual layer disk game and the single layer versions had the video's cut. So I was testing it out by trying to just view a video (maybe one of the trailers or something you can get to from the main menu?) And the game quit and went to the black eject disk error message.

    So I tried ejecting/restarting etc. etc. and any time the disk goes in the wii now it gets that error page, I've tried many other games by now and never seen that error anywhere else. (less chance of lens error I think)

    I thought maybe the dude I bought it from burned it bad so I took out my trusty verbatims and downloaded a fresh copy of brawl (still the 4gig variety) burned it slow (I've successfully burned many many ps2/wii games by now) and still the different copy of the game on brand new disks, I get exactly the same error message, even tried burning slower then usual, same thing.

    I've tried deleting my brawl save file off the wii, didn't help, tried updating my wii system to 4.1u, still nothing.

    Basically I'm out of ideas and any help someone could give would be greatly appreciated, I *could* try a full 7 gig version, but I'll need to pick up a couple disks first, they're kinda pricey.

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    I had the same problem when i just used a normal DVD-R 4.7GB disk, you pretty much need to use a dual-layer to be certain that you won't run into problems.
    So yeah, a dual-layer disc is pretty much required.

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    Well I finally found and burned to a dl disk and it seems to be working perfectly, even used a cheap memorex dvd+r dl and it worked fine, burned 2.4x with the break layer set, and all is fine

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    Well, i'm happy for you :P
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    Us Works great on usb or sdhc!

    Works great on a hard drive or SDHC card!! No need to burn it! Add with WBFS manager! This is a 7gb disk very large compared to most of the games!! If you cant get it to work just put it on a sdhc card and play on a usb loader!!


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