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Thread: So close... help with soft mod

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    So close... help with soft mod

    hi guys,

    i'm running off ver 3.1e. have installed hbc and followed the steps re cios
    and the trucha bug restorer.

    Have not installed bootmii as of yet. my next step is to install this as
    boot2 and create a nand backup.

    after this i'd like to install whatever it is i need to play back up games
    and also have a dvd player for movies. problem being i dont know the
    best way to do this....

    and also should i be upgrading to 3.2 which i thought was the prefered version
    to applications off?

    Any advice or direction will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    to play backups just use NeoGamma R7 Loader (search the site) for DVDs, use DVDX which is available through hackmii installer just google it.

    3.2 would be good since you can install preloader or starfall which will block disc updates and prevent possible bricks.
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