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Thread: USB iso issues

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    USB iso issues

    I noticed that i can load on image from either a disk or a usb drive, so i opted for the usb drive, however when i tired to load the iso onto my usb drive it said that the file is too big. I have an 8 gig usb flash drive and teh file is 4.6gigs, Im not very good at math, but 8 > 4.6 right? Is this a problem that is common? If it matters I have a PNY attache(with an accent over the e) 8gig flash drive. Any info any one has to help would be nice, and if im posting in the wrong location i apologize.

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    it is most likely because you 8gig is in fat or fat32 format , these do not support files over 4 gig in size ntfs does , but not sure if wii will read it in ntfs, i am new to wii hacking maybe someone who has tried can confirm?

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    To be able to play the game from your flash drive, it must be WBFS format, that's the only format USB Loaders recognize. Format to FAT16 or 32 first, then to WBFS format (because WBFS manager will not format a NTFS drive). You will need to use WBFS Manager to install games form computer to WBFS drive, because your computer will not recognize WBFS format.


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