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Thread: Someone Plz Help Me!!!!

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    Someone Plz Help Me!!!!

    i have wii system 3.2u

    first mhg i get the black screen of death

    i installed cios corp and cios 223.222

    also installed ios 55 i use gamma and softchip i hacked my wii with bannerbomb method

    nao mh3 i installed it my wii gamma reaads it as gc backup and my softchip gives me error 002 and softchip 002 fix?

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    I used neogamma and got up to the bit where you click new game and buzzing but I know the solution to my problem, you should try neogamma perhaps also use the search there is a thread on here which clearly shows you the way to get it working, I posted a guide in there too I found elsehwere also on gbatemp there is about 3 threads about this too

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