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Thread: is my wii bricked???

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    is my wii bricked???

    Hi all,

    My brother recently tried to downgrade to firmware 3.2. after downgrading we stumbled on a problem. We cant open anything now. I tried running everything from softmod till photo's apps. Everything i tried to run i get a black screen and my wii mote automatically desynches. Anyone know if my wii is bricked and if it is bricked would you know a solution to unbrick it? I can still acces my configuration menu.

    thnxx in advance!

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    so do u have preloader?

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    We don't have preloader but we have bootmii installed as a ios. We dont have a gamecube controller at home so we can't use bootmii at the moment. I was just wondering if there was anyway to fix this. Is bootmii really gona work? because we can't run any other program they all end up at the black screen which forces us to reset the wii.


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