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Thread: Prob running Fifa '08 backup

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    Prob running Fifa '08 backup

    I have now downloaded two Fifa '08 torrents, and am unable to play either of them on my US Wiikey modded Wii. I have burned them to + and - Verbatim dvds, but all have made the Wii come up with the eror message stating that there was an error when trying to read the DVD.
    I've tried imgburn and Nero, but both have ended in the same result. I have a couple of other backups (on the same Verbatim dvds) that work, so I know it's not the dvds that I'm using.
    Does anyone know what may be wrong?

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    mine works fine i use ridata discs and burned it as slow as possible so theres no errors

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    can I play fifa 08(all third partys) without a n y risk for getting my wii bricked ?


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