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Thread: syndicates wii region patcher

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    syndicates wii region patcher

    SYNDiCATE have just released an impressive new tool that is said to patch NTSC game images, allowing them to be played directly on PAL Wii units. The patcher offers the same functionality that the WiiKey modchip offers, but will of course work on any Wii unit that has been modified to allow the playback of backups.

    The team say that the patcher will work on approximately 70% of current NTSC games (same as WiiKey), and should even work on Japanese NTSC games.

    The tool works by modifying a section in the image that contains region information. Surprisingly; this area is said to be unencrypted. Download and NFO file below:

    read the nfo file

    sydicate wii region patcher download click here
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    does this block the wii from being bricked?

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    Yea I also wonder if it blocks the wii from being bricked.


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