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Thread: Possible to have Lightscribe backups?

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    Possible to have Lightscribe backups?

    G'day all,

    Firstly thanks to all those who have made guides ect on the forum!, they have been a great help to me since i got the DriveKey put into my Wii.

    Anyways, I have Vertabtim DVD-R disks with Lightscribe capable label sides. So far i have been unable to burn a game onto these disks and get them to work with the DriveKey.

    Has anyone had any experience with burning Wii Backups with Lightscribe disks?

    Im using ImgBurn and running at 1x when i burn the ISO's, and i have tested the games on standard disks and they work fine.

    Maybe there is a trick to it?

    Any help is appriciated

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    Never mind, i just did what i should of done in the first place and used search. Found plenty of posts.

    Still, if there are any hints/advise, i'd love to hear them.

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    Just out of curiosity what was it that u needed to do? And did you get them to work?

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    I just wanted to make them look a little nicer, not a problem if i couldn't get them to work.

    I ended up using a different burner and so far im 5 from 5 success rate


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