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Thread: Softmod questions.

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    Hello people, i've been looking around for a while reading about softmod. I have a wii fw 4.1U and i have some questions about soft mod.
    - i've seen some people who claim to have problems reading some games in specific, why does this happen? is it fixable?
    - some people say they have problem #002 problem reading, is it fixable?

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    There are some games that wont work on a softmod. Nobody knows why but it just doesnt work reguardless of what you try. With softmod though, the compadibility is around 95% maybe even higher. I do though have tons of games that do work. Dealing with the 002 error.. Thats caused by playing a game that requires an ios that you dont have installed. For instance if you pop in a game that requires ios38 to play it and you dont have ios38 installed, youll get the error 002 screen. There are 2 ways to fix this. 1... install that ios. There are threads on here that talk about ios 38,53, and 55. Install those using wad manager. 2... Patch the ios (game) itself.

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    Then to fix #002 error i just need to install every ios i found on internet?
    last question, which is the best loader for dvd backup games? i've seen plenty of 'em but i don't know which one is the best

    on neogamas thread they say there are different cIOS and each one has it benefits, its that true?
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    ya go with neo gamma r7 and cios rev14 the latest and most stable or if u wanna load through the disc channel install cioscorp 3.2 i thinkl 3.3 is out

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