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Thread: Fix or Parts?

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    Us Fix or Parts?

    I moded my wii with cyclowiz about 2 years ago mario kart came out i bought it YES bought and my kids updated my wii for online gameing this cuased my chip to not work properly and no matter what i did still nothing.. untill i softmod it worked okay had some glitches but no big deal so i did softmii worked better certian games would not load. SO i decided that my chip was stupid and did not work so i removed it... so stupid my wii does not read games says error on disc remove and restart. lol so i formated it... yes people.. STUPID!!! lost my menu but good O' preloader allowed me to install one i decided to try FREEDOM.. WOW what POS i cant do jack now i have a system with freedom and does not read disc.. so question is after 2 mo of trying to fix parts? or can it be fixed?

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    i also had a same problem, except mine can ply games. freedom is a gayass system menu 2 have. but i just heard that in order to get it back, you must install a system menu wad. what i just heard. oh and if you want to put your mod chip back in, you can download a homebrew app that you can downgrade either to 3.4 or 3.3. there is a new softmod hack you can install for a 4.1. but if your wii still acts funny and wont ply games, i think you can send it to nintendo(cost money) or just sell it. ill buy it from you if you're looking for a buyer.

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    it s got 2 b fix it


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