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Thread: Full brick, with deleted IOSes.

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    Full brick, with deleted IOSes.

    Full brick on Wii. Black screen or w/e. I 'uninstalled' several IOSes with WAD Manager 1.5, after trying to offline update my Wii to 4.0 but getting, rather, the 3.3 IOS files. I mistakenly uninstalled all the IOSes I had installed (I suppose that there is no problem with installing 3.3 IOSes onto a 3.3U system o.o), and when I restarted, insta-black screen. Full brick, with IOSes 18-30 (*ish, as I do not remember which IOSes were installed/uninstalled) removed.

    My question now, is, with a third-party controller (aka not Nintendo GC controller), can I use savemii frii on my 3.3U Wii to enter recovery mode, and then get a legit copy of a game such as Punch-out!, which I believe has a 3.4U update partition, to install 3.4U on my Wii, replacing the deleted IOSes? Or are those IOSes required to run the update from a legit disc? I realize this problem is not that common, but still lots of examples floating around on the interwebz. My only concern is that the IOSes I have missing will prevent me from running a system menu update.

    I assume getting a 3.4U autoupdate partition disc ripped from a game works with a modchip too.

    3.3U System Menu
    HBC installed
    BootMii not installed
    Twilight Hack not on Wii memory

    *Questions (tl;dr):
    Does upgrading the system menu install all applicable IOSes, fixing the problem of deleting certain IOSes?
    How do I go about running SaveMii Frii? I've taken apart my controller, plugged it into Port 4, and held down all 4 D-pad buttons when turning on my Wii. I've read that there's a certain timing needed, so any advice on how to actually activate SaveMii Frii? I'm assuming this works with all GC controllers, not just Nintendo ones.



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    yes in theory that should work. try punchout, the conduit, harry potter and half blood prince, wii sports resort. google games with 4.0u

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    im afraid its over for your wii if you cant access preloader then its dead. do not ever delete any ios like 10 20 30 40 50 60 i read some where theses are system menu ios. im not sure going by memory. do u have preloder installed did u hold the reset button when u turned the power on. see me i unistalled ios60patched and my system semi bricked. then i was still able to go into preloader and homebrew channel and i unistalled it. and when i rebooted it was over and the fat lady was screaming cause my wii was dead. just the power comes on and i can hear the disc spinning but no picture thats it. send it back to nintendo. maybe someone will come up with an usb way of unbricking the wii connecting the wii to the pc. im sorry i hope this helps

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    ya do u have preloader?

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    yes i do have preloader 0.29 but you can download it at get it put it in your apps folder on your sd card. but it wont work cause you didnt put it first and install it from the jump.

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    It is very very bad to delete an IOS below 200. BootMii installed as boot2 may have saved you with a NAND backup, but you have neither.

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    I don't have preloader or bootmii. My only question is if Recovery mode, and running the update partition from a legit disc, requires specific IOSes (that I *probably* deleted).

    I think this is the only way of fixing this kind of brick (if it is fixable), using savemiifrii or savemii; I guess you could also use Twilight Hack with a legit Twilight Princess, or find some kind of auto-update disc (only works with modchip tho, and I don't think I can get my hands on one :<).

    Any info on what IOSes, if any, are needed for updating and use of Recovery mode. I'd also like to know how exactly to use savemiifrii. Is there a specific timing needed?

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    The recovery mode uses the same IOS as the system menu you are currently using. If you deleted it then that's gone too. This method of recovery is normally the one that works when a bad wad makes a banner brick not when the Wii hgas no operating system.

    The only solution would be boot2 bootmii.

    There's also some talk of infectus coming close to being able to reprogram a NAND, not sure if that's much help though.
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