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Thread: Wasabi DX using as Zero: red light blinking. Help

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    Wasabi DX using as Zero: red light blinking. Help

    Hey guys,

    I'm new here and just bought the Wasabi DX. I installed it, tested it with a few backups (all worked), and then upgraded it to 2.0b. As soon as I finished upgrading, I turned off the Wii and tried to install it as Wasabi Zero (no ribbon cable, and I have the Wii Clip).

    But with it pressed against the chip, when the Wii boots, the drive won't even start. All I get is a red flashing light from the Wasabi. What does this mean? Anyone can help?


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    Why? What are you trying to gain by installing as a zero (apart from 6x read speed) but that only affects the video in about 3 games. Not worth the hassle.

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    No idea if you solved your problem yet but the Wii Clip to WasabiDX might not be aligned correctly. I had a red flashing light next to a green light when I installed my DX as a Zero. The drive didn't work as well. After making sure it was aligned correctly, it stayed green and the drive works.


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