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Thread: Poor Display on some Games

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    Poor Display on some Games

    I don't know if this is the correct area to post it but ive succesfully soft modded my wii to play backups and have found that certain games load fine with a nice clear display on my TV but some have a flickery poorer quality of display. Examples are Wii Resort Sports is nice and crisp with no flickering but say Raving Rabbids is poor and flickery

    I am using NeoGamma 7 Backup runner with my wii on a 40" Samsung LCD via direct AV (without SCART) and i am from the UK so PAL 60hz.

    Does anyone know what could cause this ? are some games simply done in lower resolution or quality than others or are they bad copies or what ?

    I would consider upgrading to the HDTV cable but in my memory of my last wii it didnt actually improve my display an incredible amount.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated


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    Raving Rabbids for one uses a lot of FMV which probably suffers with the 3x media speed of backup launchers. Other than that are you having trouble with games that are imports?
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    hiya, no mate i only get PAL versions and its not just the FMV and in fact as soon as the games comes on the screen kinda tunes in and the screen flashes a couple of times as if its struggling to display it, it then settles on a kinda of picture kinda of like bad reception or something, its not bad enough not to play it like but its just not crisp like Wii sports, resorts etc run which look perfeclty crisp and the picture is perfect from the start

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    i have noticed that i can fix this problem and make all games display crisp by going into Region Settings and forcing video to 576i like my main wii settings and this sorts it. The only problem is i cant save the option to do everytime

    does anyone know a way around this ? maybe tweaking a ini file or something ?

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