This place has a wealth of information but so much so that I also can't remember where I might have seen this addressed in this forum or another, so I'll ask.
I am getting a good deal on a Wii from a friend of a friend who already modded it but never ended up playing with it much (from this past christmas). It has HomeBrew and 3.2u. I plan on adding Bootmii to it. My question is whether I should bother upgrading to 4.1. I see plenty of people saying there is no issue with upgrading but then I see plenty of posts with people explaining how to downgrade to 3.2 or other prior versions. It's a little confusing. So that is question #1.
The others are suggestions about other mods that should be done. I plan to play DVD's on it (this might already be modded) and backup games and maybe more as I experience Wii and HomeBrew first hand.
Thanks in advance!