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Thread: I have wii key question please help

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    Us I have wii key question please help

    I have the wii key with firmware 1.9s.Ok my question is: is it safe to update my wii firmware to the latest? I am new to wiikey and dont wanna mess it up..
    so any help would be grateful

    thanl you


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    It's generally fine to update your Wii when using a hardmod. Just make sure the region of the disc is the same as your Wii or use the internet updater.

    It's only sometimes dodgy if you only have a softmod on the Wii as well as the hardmod.
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    I was reading that if i update to the latest the wii wont read backup's is this true?and will i lose the usb loader?

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    hey i have a problem with my wii. It's a korean wii and i bought a wiikey 2 solderless mod chip and u know when u install a wiikey 2 u suppose to insert a game disc of the wii's region. well i did the opposite i insert mario kart USA in it spinned and it stopped. Bad mistake i didnt suppose to done that, but anyway A question mark had pop up
    and now it can't play my original or backup games and i don't know what to do and the wiikey 2 has not have a korean config disc plz anyone i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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