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Thread: cIOSCORP v3.3 Released!

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    Thumbs up cIOSCORP v3.3 Released!

    Thanks to We, da_letter_a & damysteryman

    What is it?
    It's a software modification for your Nintendo Wii to allow you to
    play almost all of your backup burnt Wii and GameCube games via the
    disc channel without opening your console or having to use a loader

    What's in it:
    Main Installer:
    IOS09 = IOS33 v2834 with rev14 DIP
    IOS11 -> IOS15 = IOS33 v2834 with rev14 DIP
    IOS17 = IOS33 v2834 with rev14 DIP
    IOS20 -> IOS22 = IOS33 v2834 with rev14 DIP
    IOS28 = IOS28 v1293 with rev14 DIP
    IOS30 = IOS33 v2834 with rev14 DIP + ES_Identify Patch
    IOS31 = IOS31 v3092 with rev14 DIP
    IOS33 = IOS33 v2834 with rev14 DIP
    IOS34 = IOS34 v3091 with rev14 DIP
    IOS35 = IOS35 v3092 with rev14 DIP + ES_Identify Patch
    IOS36 = IOS36 v3094 with rev13b DIP + ES_Identify Patch + NAND Permissions Patch
    IOS37 = IOS37 v3612 with rev14 DIP
    IOS38 = cIOS249 rev13b with rev14 DIP
    IOS50 = IOS50 v4889 with rev14 DIP + ES_Identify Patch
    IOS53 = IOS53 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS55 = IOS55 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS60 = IOS60 v6174 with rev14 DIP + ES_Identify Patch
    All IOS have the Trucha Bug restored.
    cmios Installer (GC Mode):
    bc = bc v5 + Trucha Bug Restored
    cmios = mios v4 with GC Backup Launcher embedded but
    with mios v9's tmd, ticket, and banner info.
    DVDX Fix Installer:
    IOS201 = IOS36 v3094 + Trucha Bug Restored + ES_Identify Patch + NAND Permissions Patch
    DVDX = DVDX, but runs under IOS201 instead of IOS36

    How to install it:
    Unpack the contents of this .zip file to your SD card and run the
    "cIOSCORP v3.3 Installer" application via the Homebrew Channel,
    sit back, and wait a few minutes. That's it!

    If you want to load backup GameCube games aswell, then run the
    "cmios Installer" application via the Homebrew Channel, after
    installing cIOSCORP v3.3. If you already have a cmios and don't
    want to change it, then don't run "cmios Installer".

    IOSes 30, 35, 36, 50, and 60 now all have the ES_Identify Patch
    in them. This fixes preloader compatibility, and should allow the
    majority of homebrew applications to identify as SU (SuperUser).
    This patch will only allow identification as SU, but not others
    like SystemMenu, so programs like AnyTitle Deleter won't be able
    to identify as SystemMenu.

    The custom DIP Modules used in cIOSCORP v3.3 do not support DVDX,
    as AFAIK the DIP Module uses a modified DVDX inside it to read
    the backup DVD-R discs, so cIOSCORP v3.3 now includes a workaround
    to this. Just run the "DVDX Fix Installer" application via the
    Homebrew Channel. This will install an unmodified IOS36 as IOS201
    and a DVDX channel that runs under said IOS201. Be aware that this

    Comment from dmm:
    "We tried to make it as noob friendly as possible. Read README,
    copy it over, run it, done! Now just pop in a disc and play!"

    Does it work with LU64+ or equivalent Wiis?
    -> YES! It is the ONLY full-on disc channel loading solution for
    LU64+ and equivalent Wiis!
    cIOSCORP v1 and v2 will BRICK LU64+ (or equivalent) WIIS!

    Do I have to uninstall anything before installing this?
    -> NO!!!
    DON'T EVEN TOUCH BOOT2! (let bootmii do that, if it can)
    Just make a NAND backup if you can, then run the installer.
    THAT'S IT!

    Can I switch off or unplug the Wii during installation?
    Is there any way to cancel the installation during the install
    -> NO!!!
    Once you press "Load" in the Homebrew Channel, or load the
    "cIOSCORP v3.3 Installer" application, you can't stop the

    Does preloader and the System Menu spaz out with a
    "System Files are corrupted" message when installed on a 3.xx Wii?
    -> Not anymore!

    My discs don't show up in the System Menu! What do I do?
    -> Try to experiment with enabling and disabling preloader hacks,
    especially if the hack's name has the words "region", "game"
    and/or "disc" in it, or maybe change your Wii's region setting.

    Does the Hackmii Installer work?
    It should do, now that IOS36 has the NAND Permissions Patch.
    I can't test it as it freezes on my console, unless I have the
    OLD NON-LU64+ IOS36 v1042 installed, which I refuse to use as
    using this in cIOSCORP v3.3 will break LU64+ console support.

    DVDs won't read properly in MPlayer! What do I do?
    The following answer is based on MPlayer_CE: try going to "Open,
    File, Wii DVD", this should mount the DVD, which you can then go
    back and select "Open, DVD Video, Play DVD", or maybe select
    "Play Title #x" instead, or you could try going to
    "Open, File, Wii DVD" and load the .VOB file you want to play.
    Or you could just select "Play DVD" and wait several minutes.

    Does Ghostbusters work?
    -> Yes!

    Ghostbusters gives a black screen! What do I do?
    -> This should be fixed, but if not:
    Try to experiment with enabling and disabling preloader hacks,
    especially if the hack's name has the words "region", "game"
    and/or "disc". Maybe even try changing your Wii's video mode from
    NTSC to PAL, and vice versa. Make sure the iso you're using hasn't
    had a patch video mode, or been patched to use an IOS other than
    IOS53, or been patched at all. Make sure it's not a bad dump, etc.
    If I still gives a black screen, then I don't know what to do.
    Maybe there's a setting you mised and didn't change.

    Ghostbusters freezes at the Wrist Strap Health & Safety Screen!
    What do I do?
    -> According to WiiPower, this seems to be a problem with the Scene
    Release, which could be a bad dump. There is a "disc eject trick"
    that I found on gbatemp (can't remember who posted it, though.
    @Whoever discovered this, credits to you.) I have reworded it into

    Start at the wii menu

    1. Make sure the nunchuk is connected before starting
    2. Insert disc
    3. Banner should load up in disc channel
    4. Hit Start (but be ready to hit eject)
    5. You should see the screen flicker for a second, when this
    6. It should say "Please Insert Disc blah blah blah", just wait a
    few seconds, then insert the disc.
    7. The game should load fine from that point.

    This might have to be tried a few times, and will need practice
    to master.

    Here's a quote from WiiPower from this thread:
    "Problem category 3(heath screen freeze games)

    These games freeze at the heath screen for some users, mostly for
    people using discs and that only get 3x reading speed. There's no
    real solution for this problem yet. Some people get it to work by
    pressing certain buttons with the correct timing. And many people
    report that they get the game to load by pressing eject with the
    correct timing, and reinserting the disc when they are asked for.
    The correct timing seems to be as soon as the screen flashes white
    for the health screen. And a 3rd solution that is reported to work
    is to remove the sd card. It seems these problems are caused by
    faulty piracy releases, many people reported that a self created
    backup works flawlessly, while the 3 burns before have this issue.
    Maybe this problem is caused by scrubbing the game."

    Comment from dmm:
    "Fixing Ghostbusters compatibility really pissed us off.
    I mean REALLY. I'm assuming it pissed off the testers aswell.
    It took 5 fixes to make it work. Animal Crossing Wii worked with
    the first fix we made for it.

    If I ever see a ghost, I am going to personally bust the
    damn thing myself!"

    My Wii Speak channel doesn't work! What do I do?
    You must have installed cIOSCORP v3.1, which had a modified IOS56,
    which didn't work. Use the application "DOP-IOS" to download and
    reinstall IOS56, or you could acquire a copy of the file
    "IOS56-64-v4890.wad", and install using Wad Manager.

    This this related to the original cIOSCORP?

    Are you affiliated with any of the creators of the original

    waninkoko - made the cIOS249 we all know and love, I used DIP
    modules from that to make cIOSCORP v3.3
    Wiigator - made the cmios which is used in cIOSCORP v3.3
    WiiPower - for telling me about rev14's DIP Module breaking
    Dual Layer Support
    - for explaining the "Problem category 3
    (health screen freeze games)"
    icefireicefire - made the original cIOSCORP installer, I modified
    that to install cIOSCORP v3.3
    WiiBlaster - the creator of the original cIOSCORP, he let me
    use the name "cIOSCORP" as no other name seemed
    to fit what this modification does

    And of course...
    All of my testers (too many to name, you all did an
    ABSOLUTELY SUPERB JOB! Without you guys, this
    would never be as refined as it is now!)

    v3.3 - changed DIP Module in IOSes 30, 50, and 60 to
    use rev14, i.e. the true #002b error fix
    (Ghostbusters, etc. SSBB is unaffected)
    - added DVDX Fix workaround
    - added NAND Permissions Patch to IOS36
    - changed the ES_Identify patch (results didn't
    change, though)
    - removed IOS10 from the package as it is
    - updated the README

    v3.2 - added the ES_Identify Patch to IOSes 30, 35,
    and 50 (preloader fix)
    - fixed Animal Crossing Wii compatibility
    - fixed Ghostbusters compatibility as much as
    - moved cmios to use an installer separate to the
    main installer, for people who don't want to
    install the included cmios
    - removed IOSes 51, 56, 57, and 61 as they are
    - completely overhauled the README

    v3.1 - fixed the #001 errors many games were giving.

    v3.0 - Unreleased, due to the amount of #001 errors.
    Download Link: RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
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    Download from my mediafire:

    cIOScorp 3.3

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    thanks im going to try this now

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    thanks for the link, it seems to be that everyone hates cIOSCORP why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_romsy View Post
    thanks for the link, it seems to be that everyone hates cIOSCORP why?
    Its not that they really hate it, its just that they dont want to install it cause it overwrites every original IOS on your wii so they dont want to take the risk and mess around with everything on their wii when they can just install one simple IOS (IOS249) and use a backup loader.

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    A Question,
    im from europe, and have a Pal wii, but when i try to load GC backups, my wii just restarts,
    im on cIOScorp 3.1, do i have to change it to 3.3? and how to do so?
    .................................................. ...................
    further details about my wii...

    Riiskimodded (softmod)
    3.2E Firmware (maybe this is why?)
    I also have NeoGamma R6 as a channel... but i cant load Metroid Prime from that one, gives the cant read disk error... (Metroid Prime is PAL btw)

    Games that NeoGamma R6 Channel does load:
    Luigi's Mansion NTSC-U
    Legend of Zelda: Four swords adventures NTSC-U
    Pikmin NTSC-U
    .................................................. ...................

    thats about all
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    if i install the ioscorp 3.3, will i be able to use the loaders anyway? (neogamma, wigators, etc)?

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    I've been having a little bit of trouble with my loaders since installing Cioscorp 3.3. I can no longer run Ghostbusters but could before installing Cioscorp. If I wanted to remove cioscorp would I be able to just use the backup I made with Bootmii prior to installing Cioscorp or is there a better/safer method to restore my system? Your help is most appreciated!
    Thanks folks.

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    I just installed 3.3, and ran a few games on neogamma r6 and neogamma r7 channels. And they worked fine.

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    since install to version 3.3, all games works via the disk channel except for 2 games:

    Mario Kart - still need the loader to play, error loading in disk channel
    Ghostbuster - yup they fix the black screen so now It loads up to the health screen but then freeze, need neogamma R7 to be able to play.

    Hopefully they can resolve those 2 games in the next version.

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