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Thread: Neogamma doesn't mount WBFS Ext HDD

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    Neogamma doesn't mount WBFS Ext HDD

    I'm trying to use Neogamma & Ocarina to boot games from my WBFS formatted external hard drive but it doesn't wanna mount the drive. The drive works great in USB Loader GX. Not sure why it's not detecting it... Any ideas?

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    wutss wrong with booting it from gx loader??? it has ocarnia. o and which neo gamma and wut cios r u running and wut firmware?

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    I know, but USB Loader GX just goes to a black screen after choosing the game I want to play. BUT, it's working now... Not sure what happened before.

    I was using Neo Gamma R7 CIOS 247 (I think). On 4.1U.

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    it sounds like the wii don't like your hard drive, if it starts acting up again that would be my guess

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    Neogamma & Coverfloader Problems

    I have a wii with system 3.2U ciOS 36 Rev10 installed. When I try to run coverfloader and load a game off of a usb hard drive, the coverfloader program shows the game and when i hit load it says loading and then goes back to the wii menu on any of the games that I have loaded on the harddrive. Neogamma says launching game and just freezes on that screen. Can anyone lend a hand as to what is going on here.



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    try ciso rev 14 and check settings for 002 error fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999 View Post
    try ciso rev 14 and check settings for 002 error fix
    I tried updating to CIOS38 Rev 14, but I got an error -1 during the update process. Is there another way that I can update the wii? I had to downgrade my system version to 3.1U in order to get Neogamma to work again with Super Mario in DVD play mode.


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