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Thread: Cracked Rock band DLC by hairy ballsagna

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    Thumbs up Cracked Rock band DLC by hairy ballsagna

    hey guys this hit the net some time ago

    [wii]cracked Rock Band 2 DLC by Hairy Ballsagna v5 0 rar : Games > Wii - Mininova

    if you have cIOScorp installed, no need to run the patcher.

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    Also yes this marks FUTURE DLC as purchased too (until they are in a new Ticket subclass)

    ps. im him so support can be found here if you need it.
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    Hi , many many thanks

    will this work on a pl wii with a pal rb2 disk ? or is it still required to change the shop channel ?



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    any chance there will be a beatles rockband version of this?

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    I installed v5.0 and it's working great, but there are some songs under new releases that are not marked as purchased. does this mean that we will need a newer version of hairy ballsagna or did i do something wrong? I want to know because i wanted to download the Them Crooked Vultures song, New Fang but it is not marked as purchased.

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    nothing is wrong
    but yea the songs can't be purchased since they've patched it


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