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Thread: Can no longer connect online?

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    Can no longer connect online?

    Hi, awhile back I used banner bomb and downgraded to 3.2u and had zero problems. I have not used my Wii for a few weeks and it has not been plugged in (no power cable). Tonight I turn it on and can no longer connect to the internet. I am using the official wii lan adapter and it worked fine last time I used wii (few weeks ago). But when I make a new connection 1 setting and select wired, then test connection, it just sits at the screen. No blue box searching for connection. The only time it blue box appears is when I click OK on the screen then I get an error that says Error Code 51240.

    Could something have happened from not being used for so long and not being plugged in or did the lan adaper go bad? Or maybe the Wii servers are down now? Could it have bricked from not being used?

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    how is ur firewall or security settings on ur pc does it allow acess to the wii

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    I use a ethernet hub to provide internet to several different devices. But I use the same one cable for lan internet for the Xbox360, PS3 and Wii. The cable is working with all the consoles now but the Wii. And like I said, it was working before and now the test connection screen just sites there and doesn't even time or out do anything until I click go and then I just get the 51240 error.

    Edit: Tried it again this morning and it worked, but only for a minute or two.
    Now I get error code 51422. Could the lan adapter gone bad?
    I made sure to turn off auto updates and the other setting when under wiiconnect24 when I first downgraded, so I don't think any kind of update from Nintendo could have been installed.
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    I called Nintendo support to get some information on replacement of their lan adapter. After some basic troubleshooting and the question: What firmware is installed? Having 3.2U I said, errr 4.0U?

    We could still not get it working and still had the same 51240 error.
    Got a 51422 error a few times which support said means firmware too low or something.

    My question has there been any other reports of this kind of issue? Did some kind of Nintendo patch install and disable internet or does this have anything to do with a partial brick? Or did the Nintendo lan adapter go bad? Everything still seems to work, settings menu, memory settings, game backups still play, etc.


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