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Thread: new modchip wiring solution ( part solderless )

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    new modchip wiring solution ( partly solderless )

    a new chip instalation method is due to hit the shelves wich lets you connect a pic mod or a comercial mod ( wiikey cyclowiz ect ect) to the drive without needing to solder to the drive main board you still have to solder your modchip to the wires from the solder free adapter though but this is a lot more easy to do than soldering to the dvd drive board and a lot safer

    official site Wlip

    from A Spanish company has debuted a solderless adapter for use with PIC based Wii mods such as open source chips. The retail price of the adapter alone is 24.95 Euro's with nothing else include and the team promise it will take just a few minutes to install.
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    So will dremeling still be necessary for this? It's not too clear here


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