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Thread: wii key and updating firmware to 4.1u

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    wii key and updating firmware to 4.1u

    I have the wii key and 1.9s installed on my wii. Should i update my wii firm ware to 4.1e or the latest? this is my first modded wii so i am trying to play it safe..or should i think about getting wii key2?

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    i just updated my wii from 3.2 to 4.1 and now i cant play any of my old backups. it reads the config and update disc just fine. im not sure why, i have been researching something about a teroc writing or something that blocks ur wii now from being able to read backups. weak!

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    i updated my wii to 4.1u and it still reads back up just fine i even have usbloader and homebrew channel too

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    wii key and updating firmware to 4.1u

    Pretty interested in this myself. My wii (1st gen with original wiikey 1.9s) when I upgrade it to 4.1u, it no longer reads backups...

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    that is weird that u cant play back ups after updating.. I will take screen shots of my wii with usb loader and homebrew channel installed. along with firmware 4.1u also.i havent any problems playing back ups yet

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    Us Never Update!!

    Running a wii key 1 since day 1. I am on 3.3U and everything works great!! Don't UPDATE to 4.1 for the SD BS! Its not worth it!!! You are better off on 3.3. or 3.4!!! If everything is working for you, Don't mess with it!!!

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    I have the Wiikey 2 on my wii with 3.3U firmware. I just purchased (Yes, I did buy it) Rock Band Beatles and it's asking me to update my wii, am I safe doing it or will it make it so I can not play my backed up games anymore? Thanks in advance for help. I searched but couldn't find any info for the 3.3u firmware so sorry if it had been answered, I couldn't find it.

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    i also have a wii with wiikeys original , it's not 1.9s since i can't update it(mario kart and galaxy don't work) so i don't know what version is now. Wii firmwire is 3.1e , can i update to the latest one and my backup will work ? maybe even update to 1.9s, i don't have any hombrew or usb loader on it

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    any help on this issue. I have wiikey and update wii firmware to 4.1U and backups won't work?

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    My wii has a wiikey (1.9s). Worked fine until I updated to 4.0, now only backups of games prior to the update work, everything I've tried after (Punchout onwards) gives a black screen. Weirdly, SSBB stopped working at 4.0 but works again at 4.1. Guess its best not to update.

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