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Thread: Should I Downgrade???

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    Should I Downgrade???

    Hi. I'm fairly new to homebrew, and i was wondering what the advantages are to downgrading to 3.2...
    can you play dvd's on anything higher that 3.2?
    and are there any good apps that only work in 3.2?

    if i don't NEED to be downgrading to 3.2, i'd rather i need your guys advice

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    3.2 is the most stable.
    So most apps will work smoothly
    DVDx - you can install it to play DVDs but if you install bootmii as boot2 (recommended incase of bricks) you can't

    3.2 was before the Trucha Bug fix, meaning cIOS can be installed, which you can use to play most games.

    Depends on what you wanna do;
    4.0 is best for playing backups and you store channels on the SD card, some other things might be compatable with it, but somethings may not
    3.2 Homebrew apps, wads, anything really

    Do search/Google a couple of things before you ask, plus you can find out some pretty cool stuff just by looking around

    Hope this helps

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    also, if i install the latest cIOS and have skip disc update check, will i be able to play new games without upgrading or risking a brick? I know there's a lot of stuff out there regarding this, but i want a clear answer

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    something important random forgot...CHECK YOUR SERIAL BEFORE YOU DOWNGRADE!!! if it is LU64+ downgrading will brick you! If you bought your Wii this year then it probably is an LU64, the serial is for us wiis, other regions have the same wiis - just diff serials....there are no real advantages to downgrading anymore, more stable is bs....and skip update check works fine to stop your wii updating off a disc

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    i was in 3.4 and downgraded to 3.2 becausse apps work better with that firmware and you can use starfall


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