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Thread: Games keep Hanging but with no errors...

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    Games keep Hanging but with no errors...

    I have been working on getting wi sports resport to work and I tired to alt .dol meathod and I got it to load up BUT I don't have a save file so I have to watch the movie. The problem with the movie is that it hangs (crashes) about a minute into the movie. It freezes the whole wii. I don't know what to do i have tired both disc and USB drive...neither work it crashes at the same it the image? I downloaded the image and it was already scrubbed.

    i am having a similar problem with Punch Out. I get the the black loading screen and it just says loading in the lower right corner FOREVER. Its not completely frozen because if I press the home button on the wiimote it gives me a indication that i can not press that at this time. I am really confused what is going on with these 2 games.

    I am running 4.1U
    I have a wiikey AND I have softmodded mysystem to use USB with Bannerbomb...I have 2 USB loaders but I have been using NeoGamma primarily and the other one just to rip games onto my USB Drive. I am in the US but I'm not sure if the games are PAL or not...

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    anybody care to shed some light on my situation? I have been waiting all day...


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