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Thread: No Main Screen

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    No Main Screen

    Have a softmodded Wii that was done a while ago. Preloader .25 and was downgraded to 3.2 because that is what you had to do back then.

    Kid did something and now it has NO Main Screen. Just boots into the preloader or I can get it to boot into the HBC installer. I reloaded the WAD files, Reinstalled the CIOS, autoboot set to systemmenu. Set all the parameters I wanted turned on, as per instructions. I basically tried to remod it all over again just with the old stuff that was on the SD card currently.

    I still can't get the Main Screen to come up. It loads the PreLoader and says ERROR autobooting systemmenu! at the bottom of the screen.

    What should I do next? It's like the Main Wii Screen is missing or something.

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    Well the sys menu must be there or preloader wouldn't load. It depends on IOS 30 in your case to boot. You could try running ios downgrader from HBC and see if that doesn't correct it.

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    jus install a system menu wad or use anyregion changer to get ur sys menu back but 1st did u try to reinstall preloader?if not try that 1st


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