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Thread: Problems installing external switch to d2pro

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    Problems installing external switch to d2pro

    I installed an external switch for my d2pro so i can enable/disable my chip. I have tried both ground poiints, and power points. I am having issue when disabling the chip, when I have it at the off position it turns off BOTH THE CHIP AND THE DRIVE????? It also has the solid red light, which means the drive doesn't work? When I switch it to the enabled position everything works as it should be. My understanding when you install an external switch for your chip is so you can enable/disable it, not turn off the whole cd drive with the chip?

    Any ideas why this is happening???

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    Why are you bothering with a switch?
    The chips are stealth(not detected online) and the d2pro should boot up pretty much every disc you put in


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