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Thread: Still having problems after patching backups to run on IOS 249

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    Still having problems after patching backups to run on IOS 249

    There are three games I'm trying to run as backups that are know to have problems:
    House of the dead 2-3 (HotD2 returns to Wii Menu or goes into blackscreen)
    Metal Slug Anthology (MS6 returns to Wii Menu)
    Sam and Max (Any chapter returns to Wii Menu)

    I patched the three of them with IOS version patcher 1.1 and even after that I can't make any of them work the right way.

    I followed Dogeggs guide to mod my wii, it's running 4.1, it's a LU64, Bootmii as IOS, Preloader installed and yes, I can run most backups I have using either Neogamma 7 OR USB Loader (oh yeah, I'm trying to run them using a USB hard drive, not a DVD and I use WBFS manager to add them to my hard drive).

    The problem seems to be on the wii side since I'm absolutely sure that the games are patched (if I put the ISO in IOS Patcher it tells me it's using 249). I tried reinstalling cios rev14, it changed nothing.

    Any help would be extremelly appreciated!
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    I searched a lot more and read somewhere that patched games absolutly need to be played on a DVD and cannot be played from a USB device, someone can confirm?

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    house of the dead has to be played in order for me
    metal slug can be played all of them except metal slug 6
    i dont have the last game ya weird i dont know i guess they kind of work all off of gx loader
    cios rev 14
    gx loader rev713

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    Your problem with Metal Slug can be solved by patching the game using IOS version patcher, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I patched the games, but if I try to boot them in USBLoader from a USB device, it doesn't work any more than it did before. I'll try burning the game to a dvd and see if it solves the problem since it seems no one can tell me if patched games absolutly need to be played from a DVD...
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    Well, thank you me, that's exactly what you need to do, burn it to a DVD -_-

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    I found a handy compatiblity list, of games on USB Loaders, over at GBAtemp, Look here.

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    Yeah, I know about that.

    Ok, so, another solution is to have cIOS222/223 installed and using the Configurable USBLoader you go in the option menu and select IOS222 or 223 mload as the IOS for the game you want to play with and block IOS reloading. Sadly I have some compatibility issue with cIOS222/223, but it seems to work on my friend's Wii!


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