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Thread: wiikey team alive

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    Question wiikey team alive

    There are new news on the wiikey page: News :: :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip

    and it seems we can expect an update f or the wiikey soon!

    or maybe not?
    In order to guarantee stability, we have had to make a fairly major change to the way the code works. While all tests have proven positive, the challenge now is to create a delivery system to allow existing Wiikeys to be updated.
    I really dont get that part from their news, because the wiikey can be updated very easy with a dvd as we knoey from 1.9b and before ...

    so whats going on?

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    They usually take a long time to actually send out updates.

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    the wiikey team suck they really should release there source code so atleast other teams can release updates
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