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    Talking Woah...

    Hey there Wii enthusiasts! I recently (about a week ago) bought a wii used. Some guy was selling it for $10. It was the box, system(no cables or controllers) and books. He said it didn't work but I plugged my friends cables into it to see what it did and it worked perfectly. I felt so lucky. That was only the beginning. I joined this site and did some extraneous research on the wii and found out that it was perfect for hacking! I love hacking!! I've hacked my psp's, my ps2's, and my iphone. Can't get enough of it. Anyways it is a s/n LU57. That made me very happy. I looked through a few tutorials and got the idea of the process. It inevitably took me 3 hours to finish the whole process. I have a love hate relationship with learning new systems. I hate being/feeling like a newb/noob/n00b/ect. However you say it, I still don't like it, but I'm always up for learning new things just to know. Anyways I think this intro is getting a bit long winded. I'm sure I've lost more than 50% of my origonal readers.... So I'll end with this; I'm happy to be a part of the Wii hacker/enthusiast community and I hope to learn as much as possible so i can help others who need it like I do now. Thanks for sticking in there for me!!

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    Hi, and welcome to wiihacks.

    Before you start anything, make sure you read the rules go over the tutorials, and most importantly,search before asking questions. Make sure you post in the correct areas of the forums, or you could be sent to the reading room (if you want to know what that is, search.), or even banned.

    You could join our Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, for which signups are now open. Its free, but there are only 64 places in total, so hurry up. Keep in mind that you have to have at least 5 CONSTRUCTIVE posts on the forum to join. If you have at least 30 posts, you can get a nice userbar for your sig with your name, your FC and an icon. i have one (look down)! You could also Donate to the forum and get a nice banner under your name, and access to the donater forums, and have a chance to get other items, like Ntorrents Invites.

    We also have an irc chatroom on irc:// (if you know how to use it it can be marvellous). Please read the irc rules before joining. Hope too see you there!

    I hope you have a great time at wiihacks, and that i see you around!

    regards, ΘΣ

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