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Thread: d2c, im sick of my wii, can i update

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    Us d2c, im sick of my wii, can i update

    ok..i have a us wii, with d2c, 3.1u. but my son doesnt play but 3 games, and some homrbrew on my orig xbox. im wondering if i can, update my wii, so i can get the wiishop channel, and use wii points yo just buy the games. i have 275 plus games, and like i said 3 might get played....if i update, am i going to brick, semi-brick? im not really worried about playing backups anymore, can i still boot orig. gamecube/wii games if its semi bricked?

    any advice would be great...

    noobs rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Use Waninkoko's 4.0 update and u will still be ok. Also, there are a lot of torrents out there with wii-ware, so look into that.
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    im just sick of the whole modded wii thing, (thats why im trying to sell it, but if i can accomplish what im trying to then ill keep it) im sure wanks update i have to inject it somehow...its just so much work...thats why i ask was asking if i could just download from nintendo and be done with it.

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    Its not too time consuming...took about 15 minutes for me to download and do the update. I just got a wiiware pack with hundreds of wiiware and vc's. Took awhile to download as it was over 8 gigs, but now have a ton of cool wiiware and retro games that install as channels. For me the best part of the 4.0 update was the ability to run channels off the sd card. Good luck!

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