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Thread: Mario Kart black and white screen skipping problem...Help Please.

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    Mario Kart black and white screen skipping problem...Help Please.

    Blasted the search function and even googled the hell out of the situation and can't find an answer.

    Got 4.0U softmod'd with cIOS38Rev14, Neogamma R7, and i think that sum's up all the bells and whistles...

    Just soft mod'd today(complete noob), so was having this problem with the Mario Kart game. Burned ISO with ImgBurn @ 4x(which i think might be problem) with Maxell DVD-R. Game load's up and sound is perfect but the screen skip's and the color is black and white. Was hoping there's a NeoGamma region or config option i can change to fix it but i have the feeling its a little more complicated. I tried burning @ 1x but it automatically jumped to 4x which i read was a burner issue and that's probably the slowest it goes. I got some TDK's(DVD-R's) i'm tempted to try but have read cheap brands are caca.

    Completely knew to ISO burning period so be kind. But i'll keep my fingers crossed its ah quick fix...

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    Same problem except I burned on Imgburn at 2x on a memorex -r. I'm guessing (or hoping) that it's the media. I've heard Verbatim is the best. I've backed up several games. I have this problem with MarioKart and Pokemon Battle Revolutions. Mario Party 8 and Wario Land Shake it run a little slow (but mainly on load screens or story screens.) I'm gonna keep the iso's till I get some Verbatim.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    It sounds like you are trying to load an out of region game.
    Try to find the game for your region.....

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    Figured it out...

    Changed the Video option in Region settings in Neogamma R7 to NTSC480i and it worked perfectly.

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    awesome. i will try that tonight before going out to spend money i don't have. good times.

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    Was just gonna suggest If that doesn't work try forcing the video with Wii. Sometimes thats the only way to make it run. And I do believe this is a region problem. Happy gaming.


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