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Thread: WII imports

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    WII imports

    hi i use home brew channel and usbloaderGX i have no problems with playing U.S games NTSC but when i try to play imports from japan I get a black screen.

    IS there some other application im supposed to use. I tried googling but i get pages that refer me to the chip.

    I basically want to know if there is a way to do it with the usb drive/ softmod without the chip.


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    Try NeoGamma R6 or R7

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    hi thanks for the reply i was taking a look into it and apparently it wants ya to install another wad ? can 2 wad be in the same system cause to get usbloaderGX i believe i needed cios249 and this want me to install cios38 ?
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    IOS38 rev 10, 12, 13a, 13b and 14 carries updates for CIOS249. If you update with rev14 you can get a lot of latest update to play newer version of games like Wii Sport Resort and whole lot more.

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    ahh i see, i think i installed rev 14. but i still have problems loading a import game. is there a way to check what verson i have. cause when i did the install i was kinda lost and might have maybe not installed the right update.

    also not sure if it matters but i did notice that while tranfering it to my hard drive it show up as:


    i assume -j is japan region. With UsbloaderGX and U.S wii is it possible to load it?

    I also try neogamma and it seem to do the same as usbloaderGX.

    When i hit load game it goes to a black screen.


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    I believe you can use Any Title Deleter to see what IOS you have installed. But I read here it must be used with caution. If you accidentally delete the incorrect IOS, it could brick your wii.

    My other suggestion is to burn one of the Jap game in DVD. Load it through Neogamma. Set Language region to region free. Go to Config Option and make sure Anti 002 Fix as Yes.

    If you have installed rev14, you should all the latest update in compliment to IOS249. Make sure you select load from USB if you want to try it again. Same with config setting, select Anti 002 Fix as Yes. Save the config setting and Load the game.

    I have played NTSC-J using BackUp Loader Gamma 0.3, NeoGamma R4, R5 and R6. All works. I have 3.2U and I have played imports through DVD only at this moment.

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    Actually playing JAP games in an ntsc U console is not importing. Playing pal games in a ntsc console is importing. You can play all ntsc-j games in your ntsc-u wii without a problem BUT you DONT ever want to take a disc update from jap or pal games as this will brick your wii.

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    well thats odd cause i can play PAL games fine. i just have a problem with ntsc-j

    to be more specific the game called Bokujou Monogatari Waku Waku. i try alt dol, i tried patch 002 and nothing it just goes to a black screen

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    Thats odd. Did you try other Jap games?

    I believe the game you mentioned is call Harvest Moon in NTSC-U. Have you try to dump the game in DVD to play?

    I have a strong feeling you might need the IOS 53, 55 and 60 patch that is required to play Animal Crossing for this game to work. But before you install the IOS, I strongly suggest you dump the game in DVD to try.

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    Just found this today.

    Maybe you should try it out.


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