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Thread: USB loader 1.5?

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    Thumbs up USB loader 1.5?

    Hi can anybody tell/point me to the best usb loader ive been told the best is 1.5 im still on 3.2 at the mo and would prefer to stop at that but im not sure if i need to update to 4.1 im using neogamma now also.
    Regards Baz

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    USB Loader 1.5 'based' loaders are the best. The basic Waninkoko 1.5 is old and limited and will not run some newer games.

    If you want a nice USB loader package look into USB Loader GX.
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    Red face

    Ok I have a soft modded wii to 3.2 with iso rev 14 and hb plus neogamma
    this now plays all games to press if i update to 4.1 and using Dogeggs files and tut to reinstall where can i get this newer usb loader and will it play all games?
    I want to get away from discs (the kids have them all over) but im paranoid that im going to get problems playing some of the games.
    Regards Baz


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