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Thread: Wii menu is gone, only loads up to homebrew channel now. Please help

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    Wii menu is gone, only loads up to homebrew channel now. Please help

    Hello. I am new to wii modding. I followed the instructions from a package that had everything in there that i needed. I put the files on the sdcard, and follwed the instructions. Using Loadmii, DowngraderIOS35, downgraded to IOS35, Wad Manager 1.4, and followed a whole bunch of wad installation installing, IOS35.wad, CIOSv7.wad, IOS36.wad & HBC.wad, IOS60patched.wad, then ran cios rev10 installer. Ran CIOSCORP, and finally, preloader 0.29.

    Ok so things seemed alright. It played a backup game in the homebrew channel. THen i made some changes to preloader. Now it just boots right to homebrew channel and I can't select anything accept whats on the sdcard. No game playing, and the original wii menu is now gone. The changes I made I thought were minor and I cant remember in the preloader, but made a major difference now considering my wii just boots up into the homebrew channel and cant do anything else. Is there a way to fix this? Please help. Reinstalling complete maybe trying again with the newer 4.0. how to i get the menu back? Any help would be much appreciated. THanks in advanced and ive searched through here cant find help but will continue.

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    boot into preloader (hold reset when powering on) look for the 'autoboot' option and set it to 'system menu'. that should stop it booting direct to hbc.

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    you must have edited the settings in pre loader for it to boot straight to homebre, all you have to do is turn wii off( so red light is on) hold in the reset buton and turn wii on while still holding the reset button in, this will boot into preloader menue for you and you can go into settings again and change back to normal( boot to systmenue)

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    I thank you both. Such a small oversight on my part but makes a huge difference when trying to figure out what has gone wrong. Everything is alright now, i'll read more into things before I jump into messing around with my wii again.

    Thanks again.

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