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Thread: Downloaded ISO - But I have multiple Files?

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    Downloaded ISO - But I have multiple Files?

    Does anyone know how to work with this? Where's the iso?

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    those are .rar files so get winrar then right click the first rar and extract here then you will have an iso

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    The first one? Ok I'll do that, but why are there so many?

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    scene rules and/or ease of upping to file host sites.

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    A large file can be split into many small pieces using rar and then recombined into the original file. 7-zip is an excellent app for most of your compression needs, it supports most formats.

    When you find rar iso's they most likely have their origin from Usenet, everything is rar when sent to Usenet and many of these are later turned into torrents- games, movies, etc.

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    if you don't know what winrar is (and you even have the program installed!) you should not be messing with your wii like this

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    Not sure why you would assume I dont know what winrar is. Thanks for your concern, I've got it. Tristan and Davepm answered my questions wonderfully.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nando_Kommando View Post
    Not sure why you would assume I dont know what winrar is.
    I'd say because of the fact you asked what to do with the most basic form of rar files.

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    Right! Most Basic! Got it! Sorry, I don't spend all of my time on the computer or playing with my wii, but by the looks of your nickname it appears you do. Thanks for helping!

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